If you like homemade pancakes, but was looking for a good twist to add to your regular pancake routine, try this best easy to make chocolate chip pancake recipe.

These little puppies are as good as pancakes can get. I don’t usually like my pancake batter to be very sweet, because of all the sweet toppings we slather over, but a sprinkle of chocolate chips adds that little extra note to the batter and creates a lovely contrast.

And well, it’s chocolate, who could ever oppose to it? The best thing in making pancakes with chocolate is that because the frying process is so quick, the chocolate chips in the batter don’t have enough time to melt and you don’t have those holes filled with gooey chocolatey mass when the pancakes are all done. And it doesn’t take much time to cook these perfect pancakes for breakfast.

Here’s also a little tip for you. Don’t add the chocolate chips directly to the batter, but rather, sprinkle them on top of pancakes immediately after you dollop them into the skillet – this way they will be much more evenly distributed.
I love serving those fluffy pancakes with sweet Hershey’s chocolate syrup. It may sound a little over the top, but once you try it, you won’t be able to resist it. We all deserve a very decadent breakfast once in a while. So, next time your kid passes a test with flying colors, you have an excellent reason to indulge them with this tasty meal!