Cinnamon rolls, too good for this world, too pure. Few people can honestly say they don’t like them for breakfast. My mouth is watering just thinking about freshly baked flavorful cinnamon rolls, swimming in buttery glaze.

But what if cinnamon rolls were made into pancakes? I’m a sucker for familiar flavors taking a new shape and this pancake recipe is very much at the top of my favorite pancake recipe list.

These homemade cinnamon roll pancakes recipe is quite easy to make, so fear not, if you’re only starting to feel comfortable flipping pancakes and baking nice little stocks of them, you’ll do fine all the same. It also takes just a few minutes to make so you don’t waste much time to cook these perfect for breakfast pancakes. The secret to making those tasty golden brown babies is that when you first dollop your pancakes into the skillet or a griddle, you pour the butter-cinnamon-sugar mixture right into the middle, before the batter gets set and then flip them over.

The result is absolutely divine. Also, here’s a useful tip for making the pancake batter rise well. If you use baking soda, prepare your batter before hand and let it rest covered with plastic wrap for an hour or so at room temperature before you bake them. This way the batter will be extra fluffy.

These amazing pancakes are good served with right about any topping, or even just on their own. I prefer to serve it with cream cheese glaze. I hope you enjoy this great recipe as much as I do!