I always go to Alton Brown for simple, foolproof, tried, all-American recipes. Their pancakes is no exception. I only introduced a few minor tweaks which are more a matter of taste (and tastes differ).

If you have a big family and are used to cooking big breakfasts and your near and dears are pancake fans, it’s always great to have a homemade dry pancake mix at hand so that you can simply throw everything together, give it a few turns with a food processor and then start baking.

< My family isn’t huge and our love of pancakes doesn’t really demand a breakfast date every week, but I still like to keep a homemade pancake mix at hand. I love making those in a griddle, because pancake-wise, nonstick griddle is the best thing since sliced bread. 

Anyways, the recipe is pretty simple, and quick. It takes just a few minutes to cook these golden brown pancakes with basic ingredients. Original Alton Brown’s one calls for melted butter added to the batter, but I actually skip this step, because I think it still turns out very tender without packing the extra calories from butter.

These look absolutely divine in nice little stacks from being baked in the griddle and you can serve it and top each individual stack with a favorite topping of the person you’re baking it for. I hope you enjoy this recipe!