These German potato pancakes are a savory kind of pancakes, traditional to German cuisine. You’ll find them sold as street food in Europe, Germany in particular. They are a popular snack for Beer, Oktoberfest features them aplenty.

And I think these potato pancakes are an excellent breakfast alternative to sweeter kinds of pancakes. Made with grated fresh potatoes and deep fries to crispy perfection, they are absolutely delicious.

There are only a few ingredients you’ll need. Potatoes – either select a more starchy kind, or pick any if you’re well into winter and after the potato season is over. The longer you keep potatoes after they’ve been picked, the more starch they accumulate. Starch acts like a great binding agent. Then you’ll basically need salt and pepper and oil for deep frying. Alternatively, you can most definitely add herbs, greens or spices. I usually add nutmeg or rosemary.

If you feel your potatoes aren’t starchy enough, you can add an egg – I actually do almost always, just in case I didn’t judge the starch levels in my potatoes correctly and they start to act out. I also recommend, after you grate your potatoes, to get rid of the excess liquid buy squeezing them a little, in a way like you would wring a piece of cloth.

Those puppies are perfect served with sour cream, mayo, tsatsiki or any savory dip you like. Just follow the simple instructions below to create a lovely breakfast for yourself and your loved ones!