Okay, so, I’ve seen this numerous times on various Asian foodie networks, where they love to cook food that usually comes in small shapes, such as pancakes or dumplings, in a giant form. So, I decided to cook my own giant rice cooker pancake.

This giant pancake is made in a rice cooker, and it really is extremely satisfying huge hunk of pancake. It’s thick, it’s fluffy, it’s soft and tender and spongy enough to absorb liquid toppings and syrups you pour over and big enough to hold all the fresh berries you can think of to put on top of it. These great pancakes are simply perfect for the weekend breakfast. It will take some time to make them, but it is worth every minute spent on cooking.

There are a few advantages that make this pancake a perfect pancake, seriously. First, you don’t have to start your stove and do all the flipping and pouring and frying individual pancakes to make neat stacks of them. 

Second, you make it in a rice cooker, so you simply pour in the basic batter, set you timer and forget about it. Third, one pancake is enough to feed a small family, so you can only make a single pancake that tastes absolutely amazing.

How neat is that? So, if you have a rice cooker and it has been sitting idle or you simply don’t cook rice too often, I have a great idea for you – try making this enormous baby. You can prep any regular basic pancake recipe you prefer or follow mine recipe. The result is absolutely divine and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!