Of course, you can just throw a bunch of strawberries on any classic homemade pancakes and call them strawberry pancakes. But let’s just try to up the scale a little bit. How about flavorful strawberry shortcake, only in a fluffy pancake form?

I absolutely adore all the recipes which take a familiar flavor and give it a new shape, so no wonder, these delicious strawberry pancakes, which are in a way strawberry shortcakes, are very much my cup of tea. These little puppies are as good as pancakes can get. It takes some time to cook this tasty and easy-to-make dish but it is worth every minute spent.

So, how do we make pancakes into shortcakes and still keep them pancakes? We add the delicious streusel strawberry shortcake has, and then we do throw a bunch of strawberries on top of the baked pancakes.

But we won’t just throw them on top, oh no. We will macerate them first. The maceration process is somewhat often an initial stage of making a fruit jam. If you add sugar to fresh cut fruit or berries and leave it overnight, it will release a lot of juice and will also marinate a little, creating a delicious syrup with fruits swimming in int. 

So, we add the streusel to the batter, to each pancake individually as we bake it, for more texture and sweetness, and then pour macerated strawberries over each stack. When I first cooked this, I realized that I haven’t looked at a breakfast more delicious in quite a while. You can serve it with any favorite toppings. It tastes great with the macerated or fresh strawberries, maple syrup, honey and powdered sugar.

Good luck with this recipe and I hope you enjoy it!