These vegan banana pancakes are a recipe vegan people probably hold on to. They are delicious, like, seriously, they’re good, they are made with a few easy steps and you won’t have to go on an elaborate shopping spree to get the vegan-friendly ingredients.

And these vegan banana pancakes are really, really good for you. They pack a lot of nutrients and fiber, they will give you a great energy boost and all in all, they are a perfect start for a day.

The secret to making these banana pancakes is simple, really. Don’t overdo it with bananas, no matter how tempting it is, even if it seems you’re putting too little banana in your batter. 

You do want them to bake all through and you don’t want runny batter in the middle while having a crispy crust no matter what you do, right? My advice, go easy with bananas. Also, add a bit of coconut oil so it acts like a binding agent. If you cook your first batch and realize, the middle is too raw, try cooking them longer at medium low heat instead of medium-high. This should do the trick.

These babies are perfect with sliced banana to give the banana flavor an extra kick and a drizzle of maple syrup, but you can definitely serve those with your favorite vegan topping. I’d say they’d be good with right about anything. 

Just follow the simple instructions below to cook these amazing pancakes, and I hope you enjoy this recipe.=