Ricotta cheese used to confuse the brains out of me. It took me a while to figure out how I can use it and where, apart from the obvious, like sprinkling it on top of a salad or pizza. 

When I found ricotta could be added to pancake batter, at first I was sceptical about it. But it turns, ricotta makes the batter super fluffy, creamy and rich in taste and texture.

These lemon ricotta pancakes are simply decadent. The texture is so good, whenever I make them, I’m thinking I should use ricotta for every pancake recipe I make. These puppies are also pretty easy to make – you just whip up the batter and fry it in a pancake griddle or in a skillet, whichever one you use. 

The important thing here is to make the pancakes immediately after you added the lemon juice to the mixture because otherwise the lemon juice will curdle the milk and change the pancake texture. 

These pancakes are perfect with a variety of toppings, but specifically great with anything citrusy. I usually serve them with sour cream and orange jam, somehow, they are very good with sour and tangy toppings, in my opinion. But of course, you can serve them with anything you like. Some most common options include fruit and berries, fresh or preserved, maple syrup or honey and cinnamon.

I hope you enjoy this recipe! just follow the simple steps below to cook this wonderful breakfast.