This is a delicious mash up of buffalo chicken and macaroni and cheese. Two of the favorites combined in one scrumptious dish. Chunks of tender chicken are sautéed with aromatics and smothered in buffalo sauce, mixed in with macaroni and divine three cheese sauce, sprinkled with crunchy Panko- blue cheese topping and baked to a melty perfection in the oven.

Yes there is lots going on in this dish and that what makes it so amazing. The made from scratch cheese sauce for the macaroni is a masterpiece on its own. Made with half and half, sour cream, cheddar and mozzarella and even more buffalo sauce it is ooey, gooey heaven.

The blue cheese/ panko topping takes the dish over the edge. Buffalo sauce and blue cheese are match made in heaven. The topping adds a nice contrasting crunch and blue cheese brings in the savory, pungent note to the macaroni.

This dish is very easy to make and is great when you need to feed the crowd. Bring it to a party or a potluck and it is always a huge hit. With just simple ingredients and minimal prep it comes together in an hour. The oven is emitting insanely delicious smell while the macaroni is baking, the hardest part is to wait for it to be ready.

This dish is a guilty pleasure, true indulgence, rich and bursting with bold flavors from the sauce and cheeses that work in a perfect harmony to create the best buffalo Mac and cheese you will ever try. Follow the instructions below to make this recipe.