Chicken riggies is an Italian-American dish and is a short for chicken and rigatoni. It is a delicious one pot pasta dish, loaded with Italian herb marinated chicken, a rainbow of peppers, perfectly cooked rigatoni pasta and rich tomato cream sauce.

This dish is an ultimate comfort food. It is hearty and cozy, with bold, robust flavors. The sauce is stellar. Made  in two stages with tomato paste, crushed tomatoes, sherry and aromatic vegetables cooked in stage one and cream and cream cheese together with parmesan cooked separately and then added to create this rich and luscious masterpiece.

The sauce is velvety smooth, extra creamy and is  to die for. Rigatoni is a perfect tool to soak it all in. The sauce gets in every ridge of the pasta completely  coating it.

This dish is easy to make but will feed the crowd. Perfect when you have a house full of hungry people and it is also kid friendly. Kids go crazy over the indulgent sauce and this pasta disappears  in seconds off the plates.

It is very indulgent and I do not make it often. It is great for special occasions or when you need to wow someone special. Serve this flavorful pasta with a side of crisp green salad to cut through the richness of the dish. Follow the simple steps below to make delicious chicken riggies.