These delicious peanut butter pancakes made with spelt four and topped with homemade peanut butter and maple syrup are a new hit in my home.

These pancakes are so good, I actually managed to sneak the spelt flour into it, something my daughter wouldn’t eat on a regular basis, but with a bursting peanut butter flavor and sweetness, she practically inhales those puppies. I think, if I snuck in something like cauliflower or zucchini, she wouldn’t even notice.

Anyway, these pancakes are healthy, they are indulgent, they are full of bursting flavors, we get it, how do we make those? It’s actually pretty easy. Those are eggless, so I decided I could go full vegan and make them with non-dairy milk, so I usually use almond or coconut milk for those.

Spelt flour has enough gluten to act like a binding agent, so no eggs will not be a problem at all, especially if you make your batter the night before and let it rest in the fridge overnight. The gluten will soak up the liquids and the batter will rise just fine, making the pancakes extra soft and fluffy.

I like baking those in a nonstick griddle, but skillets also work just fine. I’d recommend making the peanut butter and maple syrup sauce before you start the frying so that you can serve your pancakes hot and fresh out of the skillet. You can add chopped bananas or strawberries as a topping as well. I hope you enjoy this lovely recipe!