Are you feeling nostalgic for grandma’s brunch? I love my electric nonstick griddle, but there’s something infinitely homey and attractive in pancakes fried in a regular old cast large iron skillet, with their uneven edges and varying sizes.

These rustic looking, delicious old-fashioned pancakes are absolutely the same to the way my grandmother used to make them when I was a wee girl in her country house. There’s no way she’d use a box pancake mix, so those puppies are made from scratch. The list of ingredients is ridiculously short and includes just flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, milk, melted butter, vanilla and egg.

Gran would always add melted butter to the batter. It does pack a bit of calories, but boy is it worth it once in a while, just consider it a little indulgence if you’re counting your calories. 

My grandma would always prepare the batter the night before. She said this way the four will soak up the liquids and swell and it’s much better for the rising of the batter this way. Since then I’ve baked pancakes following numerous recipes a zillion of times, and I have to say, she was absolutely right. 

Serve these golden brown pancakes with any topping of your choice. Some of my faves include condensed milk, powdered sugar, sour cream, melted butter and, believe it or not, smoked salmon over melted butter. Of course, not all together. I hope you have fun with this recipe!