If you’re a vegan, each time you find a good recipe that won’t hit your wallet too hard, will give you a nice, healthy meal that also tastes good and won’t make you hunt every local grocery store for ingredients, you hold on to that recipe for dear life. At least that’s what I do.

These vegan pancakes are made without dairy milk or eggs, and still manage to be fluffy and tender. You can also easily make them gluten-free if you use any kind of gluten-free flour, for instant buckwheat or coconut. 

Gluten-free flour rises not so well as the wheat flour does, so you’ll need a good rising agent. Baking powder is one, but if you want a real kick of a rise, use baking soda, mixed with a little apple cider vinegar. mix a pinch of soda and a tablespoon of vinegar, watch the bubbly reaction and add the mixture to the batter.

Another great thing to do is make your batter in advance, like, say, on the evening before you plan to bake the pancakes. It will allow the dry ingredients to really absorb the wet ones and the batter will be fluffier as a result.

Since we aren’t using any eggs, we do need a bit of a binding agent. Vegetable oil or coconut oil are the ones I use for this recipe, to keep it vegan-friendly. 

You can serve it with any toppings you like. My preferences include honey and cinnamon and a throwing of fresh berries. I hope you enjoy this recipe!