So, you hate dealing with open mix boxes after you’ve used up some of them? I do too. I pray the day comes when food mixes come in smaller boxes I can use up in one go and not keep them opened or sealed badly in my pantry. But this day is not gonna be today, so I have to make do.

When I cook with a pancake mix, I try to remember how much is left, but I often get the rations wrong. And I just have to know my ratios because cooking by the eye is just not what I like to do. This bisquick pancake recipe provides rations for bisquick mix, so you won’t ever have the same problem again. This dish also doesn’t take much time to cook that is a definite advantage. Just follow the simple directions and you will get a perfect bisquick pancake breakfast.

Here’s also another tip that I’ve discovered works great for almost any pancake mix. If you can make yourself get up early, like 2 hours before you will cook your breakfast, and throw all the ingredients for the batter together in a large bowl, give the mix a few stirs and leave it rest for a couple of hours, the pancakes will be much fluffier. You can go back to bed for another hour of lazing after that. That’s what I do.

I like baking those in a skillet and make shapes, but if you’re a fan of perfect stacks of round pancakes, use a pancake griddle.

Serve those bisquick pancakes with any pancake topping of your choice, they are great with melted butter, peanut butter, honey, chocolate, maple syrup, fresh fruit like banana and berries like raspberries or blueberries. I also like to serve my delicious pancakes with a bit of smoked salmon! I hope you enjoy this one of the best bisquick pancakes recipes and figuring out the rations for an open pancake mix box will never again be a problem!