Cooking with ground turkey has never been my forte. Most recipes I’ve tried turned out either too bland or overdried and not juicy at all, until I found this turkey meatloaf recipe.

Turkey meat is very lean (and good for you), but cooking it in such a way that it’s still juicy and tender is a bit of a trick. Not so much with this turkey meatloaf recipe, it’s practically foolproof.

The important thing here is not to rely solely on turkey meat in terms of flavor. You will need to add various ingredients simply for the purpose of keeping the meat mix moist and fluffy.

My choice for this kind of ingredients is mushrooms. Combined with turkey and finely minced they are perfect. I would recommend using a kitchen processor to chop them up. When mixed well with turkey and cooked, they provide a lovely bit of sponginess and moisture and also the flavor! Oh, the flavor is divine.

I’m also a big fan of using Panko breadcrumbs for stuffing right about anything, because they are so fine and fluffy when they are cooked as a stuffing, and they give this meatloaf the necessary bit of tenderness. 

Other than that, it’s pretty much the same as with any other meatloaf. Combine, mix well, preferably by hand, but try not to overmix to keep the texture light, glaze, bake, glaze again (I always double-glaze my meatloaves). I hope you enjoy this recipe, just follow the simple steps below!