So, meatloaf is something from my childhood. I remember it served for school lunches where it was a boring, bland thing, I remember eating it at grandma’s house, where it was much better, but my grandma wasn’t a big fan of experimenting, so she’d always use the same tried recipe.

Adding a twist to a familiar staple is something I am a big fan of, so this bacon wrapped meatloaf recipe is right up my alley. Bacon adds so much more flavor to the meatloaf, and the look and texture are different too, and the boring old recipe gets a new life.

Another awesome thing about this meatloaf is this. If you kids aren’t big fans of eating their vegetables, there’s a little cheat you can use. Mince the veggies and mix them with the meat. They won’t even know they’re there, I swear!

When my daughter was smaller and a sight of broccoli or zucchini on her plate would cause a serious tantrum, I hid the veggies in dishes like meatloaf, because she actually did like meat.

And, if you want to add an extra special twist, use smoked bacon. The result is absolutely mouth-watering. 

Just follow the simple instructions below and I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!