Making food in slow cooker adds a special flavor and tenderness to the dishes. They turn out amazingly soft, flavors mixing so well with each other, and you won’t have to use a lot of oil to achieve amazing taste.

This crockpot meatloaf, slowly cooked for hours, has it all in flavor and tenderness department. The secret ingredient and trick here is using dry stuffing mix instead of regular breadcrumbs.

Dry stuffing mix texture is much finer than that of breadcumbs, so when it gets mixed with meat juices and egg and slow cooked, it soaks up all the juices and flavor and rises a little, making for an extra fluffy and soft texture. Dry stuffing also has all the herbs and spices in so you won’t have to worry about those at all.

All you have to do is mix up everything and set up your crockpot in the morning and forget all about it till dinner time. 

There are two options for the ketchup glaze. You can glaze the meatloaf before you start cooking and cook it together or you can put the glaze over when it’s all done. I’ve actually tried this as well: glazing before cooking and leaving some glaze to slather my meatloaf some more before serving. Everything works great.

I hope you like this recipe as much as I do. Just follow the easy steps below for an amazing meatloaf!