This Pioneer Woman meatloaf is a great midwest recipe from the Pioneer Woman herself. Wrapped in bacon, full of flavor, cooked with a homemade glaze, it’s a great and simple dinner which you can stock on, because this meatloaf freezes well.

If you like Pioneer Woman recipes and style, this one is for you. With all the traditional meatloaf ingredients with an addition of parmesan cheese and milk for softness and more flavor, this meatloaf has it all.

I love how the Pioneer Woman makes all her recipes simple. This one is absolutely no exception. We use pantry staples and simply mix them all together. Instead of traditional breadcrumbs this recipe calls for bread, and I like it that way, because bread makes the meatloaf ‘dough’ even softer. Combined with milk, it’s almost airy.

If you like your food on a hotter side, you can use hot Tabasco sauce for the glaze and be very generous about it. Otherwise, you might want to go light on it or skip it entirely.

Using smoked bacon for the wrap will bring even more flavor, so if you have smoked bacon, use that. 

This meatloaf is great with many side dishes such as mashed potatoes or grilled/steamed vegetables. And you can make several batches in advance, because it keeps in the freezer excellently, so all you have to do is get it out and stick it in the oven for a quick midweek dinner or lunch.

I hope you like this recipe as much as I do!