If you’re feeling nostalgic about your mom’s meatloaf to the point where you’re walking around your house, singing “I’d do anything for love” out loud, this traditional recipe is probably something you’re looking for.

It is The meatloaf recipe. This is probably how meatloaf is listed in some kind of a culinary ‘origins’ book. This is how our grandparents made it. Ketchup excluded, this is probably how meatloaf was made at the beginning of meatloaf times.

And here’s how to cook it. Meatloaf is generally a very simple dish almost any cuisine around the globe has in some form or other. It’s mostly finely ground beef or beef mixed with other meats, onions and spices, with addition of bread or bread crumbs, baked in a form of a bread loaf and glazed with a sweet and sour glaze, mostly often, tomato-based.

The aim is to make meatloaf juicy and soft and not overly dense, but also make it have a lovely crust, do everything quickly and with as few steps as possible.
This recipe offers just that, the bare necessities, no fancy flavoring some recipes require, such as cocoa powder or honey glaze.

When you mix all the ingredients for meatloaf, the important thing is not to overmix so that is stays fluffy and soft, but still mix it well enough so that ingredients distribute evenly and don’t form any lumps.

After you cook it, let it rest for 10 minutes so that the juices get evenly distributed. I hope you like this recipe!