Amp up your healthy earring game with these delicious and wholesome peanut butter cookies. They are slightly sweet, made with nutritious ingredients, gluten-free, no butter or oil, rich in fiber and protein. You can snack on them all day long without any guilt.

Healthier in this case doesn’t necessarily mean low-calorie, it is that the cookies are made with whole grains, with just a touch of maple syrup as a sweetener, no dairy or gluten and they are very filling and satisfying. Perfect to keep your energy levels up throughout the day.

The cookies have dominant peanut butter flavor with vanilla undertones and tender, soft texture. If you are not into the bold peanut butter taste you can use any other nut butters whatever suits your personal palette. I also use ground old-fashioned oats as a base flour for the cookies with an addition of ground flaxseed for a nutritional boost. They really give the cookies its robust texture and nutty, earthy flavor.

The cookies are very easy to make, all you need is just 6 simple ingredients and a bowl. Minimal cleanup and dishes is an added bonus. The result is healthy cookies that are more of a nourishing, slightly sweet snack for a quick refueling rather than dessert. The cookies are always a huge hit in my house, and they don’t stick around for more than a couple of days.