If you are obsessed with chocolate like me you are gonna love these easy chocolate cake mix cookies. Double dose of decadent chocolate from boxed cake mix and chocolate chips in one cookie is scrumptious. The cookies also have the best, chewiest texture ever. They are soft in the middles with melted chocolate chips oozing out when you take a bite and chewy around the edges.

They are a powerhouse of chocolate flavors made with decadent chocolate cake mix and chocolate chips folded in. You can choose the type of chocolate chips that suits your personal palette. Anything from milk to dark chocolate absolutely works.

The cookies are the perfect sweetness, they are not overwhelming sweet that your teeth start hurting. And I really like that about them. I am not a fan of super sweet stuff and I love these cookies.

The cookies are very easy to make taking a fast and convenient shortcut using chocolate cake mix. There are only three more ingredients besides it in them. They are pillow like soft and almost melt in your mouth delicious. Simply beat the cake mix together with eggs and oil in a mixer to form the cookie dough, fold in the chocolate chips and bake.

The cookies are chocolate lovers dream come true. Soft and delicious they will impress even the pickiest of eaters.