Alton Brown is a very great source when it comes to food that is hearty, filling, heart-warming, easy to cook and simply good for you.

So, if you’re looking for an ultimate meatloaf recipe, the Alton Brown meatloaf just might be it. It’s probably the luxury or gourmet meatloaf variation, with ingredients being unusual and unique and the flavor simply out of this world.

To make alton brown meat loaf absolutely extra, have it smoked on the grill instead of baking it in your oven. But baked in the oven it’s still unbelievably good. There are a few things that make it that way and one of them being garlic croutons. If you don’t have store bought ones and are ready to invest a bit more time in this meatloaf (and stock up on some delicious croutons for your homemade Caesar salad) you can make your own.

Cube leftover bread, mix it with melted butter and garlic powder and bake till crusty. You can either sautee your vegetables or not, it doesn’t really matter. Just make sure you chop them real fine or even use a food processor. This way they will bake awesomely.

I also recommend mixing all the ingredients with your bare hand and try not to overmix, as it will result in a meatloaf that’s too dense.

Just follow the easy steps below for a most fantastic meatloaf ever. I hope you enjoy it!