If you’re a fan of meatloaf, you probably stick by the common rule which applies to meatloaf very well: simple is perfect. I agree with that and when I’m just making a meatloaf, I really do try to keep it simple. 

But sometimes, you just want a twist. And what could provide a better twist for a meatloaf than adding a stuffing? It cood me lots of things, veggies or mushrooms, but what goes especially well with meatloaf is a load of melted, gooey, creamy cheese.

This cheese-stuffed meatloaf is absolutely perfect. It’s like lasagna sans the pasta part. When I was little and my mom would cook lasagna, I would pick out the stuffing and make faces when she told me I had to eat pasta too, so you can see that I’m a big fan of this particular recipe.

Cooking this is pretty easy. You don’t have to roll anything up using plastic wrap, which is always good, because I tend to get real messy when I have to do the roll ups. I would also recommend using fresh mozzarella that come in fist-sized balls instead of grated mozzarella you would use to bake pizza.

It’s much more convenient when you shape your meatloaf, you cheese won’t be all over the place. I also like double-glazing. I add part of the glaze before baking and then lather my meatloaf with remaining glaze. I think it turns out more flavorful this way, but you can glaze the way you prefer, of course.

I hope you enjoy this recipe, just follow the simple instructions below!