I love making and enjoying tea cookies and since lemon is one of my favorite flavors why not marry two together. The result is delicious, buttery, crumbly pieces of heaven infused with fresh and fragrant lemon flavor and rolled in a blizzard of powdered sugar. They are best served with freshly brewed tea or coffee just like the name implies.

Thanks to the rich, buttery dough the cookies are so soft and fluffy, melting in your mouth with every bite. Once you take one bite you can not stop eating them. Since there is no egg whites in the dough to bind everything together, the texture is more crumbly, melting-away rather than chewy. Very similar to that of shortbread. The cookies are also rolled in the powdered sugar for an extra sweet touch.

But the true super star of the cookies is the lemon. Lemon zests and lemon juice that are added to the cookies dough give the cookies the intense, complex, deep citrus flavor that is simply addicting. It also adds an unbeatable freshness to the cookies and that special, wonderful spring/summery feel.

The cookies are suitable for any occasions like Bridal and baby showers and fun outdoor brunches with your girlfriends. They also make exceptional gifts and stay fresh in an airtight container for up to two weeks. The cookies are so delightful they will please even the pickiest eaters with most sophisticated palettes.