Elevated your average sugar cookies with this brown butter brown sugar cookie recipe. Those delicious cookies are sure to exite your taste buds. Simplicity at its best. I got the recipe from a friend that makes them for the Christmas party and everyone goes bonkers over them and begs her for the recipe. They are always such a huge hit even with all the other fancy and elaborate cookies around.

They are insanely buttery and I love a slight caramelized flavor from the brown sugar. The texture is incredibly fluffy and almost pillow like thanks to the method of creaming butter and sugar together.

They are light and airy almost melt in your mouth cookies. The taste is simple but heavenly. Just a few simple ingredients like browned butter and brown sugar really deepen the flavor and create this decadent treat with added richness.

Brown butter is a regular butter that is cooked in the pan until brown. Milk protein separates and sinks to the bottom of the pan, those particles are responsible for the nutty, earthy intense flavor of the butter. The butter is then cooled down to its solid form and creamed with sugar for the most floatable, airy texture. Creaming means beating them together in a high speed stand up mixer for about 5 minutes. This step is essential and you can not achieve the best results if you skip it. But trust me those cookies worth every minute and effort spent.

Make sure to not over-bake the cookies. You really want to go for that soft and chewy texture when you take them out of the oven. They will still be cooking as they cool down and this will result in the most perfect consistency in the end. If you follow all the steps to the T you will be rewarded with the most amazing cookies you have ever tasted, I promise!