I love pot pies because of two reasons. They are pies, and they are savory. I don’t have much of a sweet tool, but I love baked goods, and pot pie is like a whole meal in itself.

You have it all in this turkey pot pie – crusty bread, a variety of veggies, lean turkey meat and delicious savory gravy. It’s quite easy and quick to cook, and all that makes them a practically perfect recipe in my books.

It’s also such an awesome traditional dish with so much history. The original recipe is hundreds of years old, so, whenever I cook it, I always think of medieval history movies style dinners.

Another great thing for me about this pot pie is what it happened to be a great way for me to have my kid eat veggies. When my daughter has to dig them out of the pie, she eats them like they were the most delicious thing in the world!

To tell you the truth, they are quite delicious. And also, this pie is a perfect way to utilize leftover turkey – or any other cold cuts or meat, for that matter. I even tried making it with leftover pork chops and it was quite delicious.

The amount of ingredients in this recipe is enough for two large pot pies, but if you want to make only one, you can take a half of those. As for the egg – you can just use a small egg.

Good luck with this awesome pie, I hope you love it as much as I do!