Berger cookies were derived by a German immigrant based in the European recipe and now it is a cultural icon of Maryland together with the blue crabs. This recipe is a copycat of a famous Berger cookies and an amazing one. I have first tried those amazing cookies when I travelled to Baltimore and was hooked ever since. So I had to recreate berger cookie recipe at home. Cakey white cookie is topped with a mountain of chocolate fudge frosting. And berger cookie is just divine. Vanilla and chocolate, together in a form of an amazing cookie.

The bottom part of berger cookies baltimore is a cake-like, soft, melt in your mouth vanilla cookie that is then dipped into the luxuriously rich, ganache like frosting with even more frosting spread on top.

There are a lot of chocolate icing recipes. Yes there is a lot of fudge on the top, but the ratio of cookie to topping should be 1:1. The decadent chocolate frosting is definitely the star of the show. I think it takes the already tasty but a little bland cookie to the next level of deliciousness. They are perfect compliments to each other. Fluffy, delicate cookie and rich, decant chocolate ganache frosting.

To make the cookies is a labor of love, you make the cookie dough, bake it, make the frosting, dip the cookies then spread more frosting on top. But it is worth very minute of it in the end. If you are patient enough you will be rewarded with phenomenal cookies just like the ones you can buy in Baltimore. The recipe is foolproof and the stellar result is guaranteed.