Pfeffernusse cookies are small spice cookies that are a popular holiday treat in Germany, Denmark and Netherlands. The trademark of the cookies is that they contain aromatic spices – most commonly cinnamon, cloves, mace, nutmeg, cardamom, and anise. They are basically German version of gingerbread cookies that are also iced.

We have a German store in my neighborhood and every December my daughter and I go there specifically to get the Pfeffernusse cookies together with the best milk chocolate advent calendar, they are her favorite. It seemed like such an ambitious resolution to try making them at home, but when I came across this foolproof recipe and made them they came out amazing! We do not need to go to the store anymore the homemade ones are so much better.

The main ingredient that gives the cookies their signature taste is the gingerbread spice or Lebkuchengewurtz in German. You can find it in German store or on Amazon. You can also make your own if you are super dedicated but I just usually take a shortcut and buy it.

These fragrant cookies are phenomenal. Soft, melt in your mouth on the inside with the most aromatic taste and crunchy, sugary icing on the outside. They are perfectly sweet and just smell of Holidays. I can not imagine my Christmas without those cookies. You can use fun Christmas shape cookie dough cutters as well when you make them and add food coloring to the icing to make them even more festive!