I love Neiman Marcus but for some reason nobody gives out cookies when I shop there. So I guess what was left for me is to recreate the original neiman marcus cookies recipe at home. Let me tell you the cookies came out delicious. They are loaded with bunch of amazing things like chocolate chips, grated chocolate and walnuts.

But the most understated ingredient is the oats. These are not the oats that you would find in an oatmeal cookies that give it the rustic, chewy texture. These oats are milled in a food processor into the state of the coarse powder and then incorporated into the flour mix.

The idea is brilliant. The neiman marcus Christmas cookies maintain their soft and chewy traditional chocolate chip cookies texture with all the amazing flavors of oats. They are nutty, toasty and dreamy.

Another secret ingredient of this neiman marcus cookie recipe is the grated chocolate. The decadent ribbon swirls of melted chocolate really take the taste of the cookies to the next level. And combined with bigger bits of chocolate chips in every bite you take, the cookies are divine. Chopped walnuts bring in a wonderful crunch and deep, nutty flavor that pairs great with the oats. You can even go a step further and toast the nuts before chopping them and adding to the batter. It will really deepen and intensify the flavors of walnuts giving the cookies a more complex, phenomenal taste.

When ready, cookies are chunky, comforting and insanely satisfying with an abundance of flavors from all the potent ingredients. So whoever invented the delicious recipe at Neiman Marcus we all thank you here.