Do you know how to make wafer cookies? Has it ever happened to you that when getting ice cream the only thing you really, really want is the waffle cone? If the answer is yes, this wafer cookie recipe is you solution. Wafers cookies are like potato chips of the cookie world. Once you have one you can’t stop, and the next thing you know the whole plate of cookies is gone into your belly. One of the best cookie recipes.

The cookies are thin, crispy with chocolate undertones from the cocoa powder, they are addicting. You can enjoy them as is, or roll into miniature waffle ice cream cones and fill up with your favorite ice cream. Waffer cookies are also great accompaniment for fresh fruit and berries, making for a beautiful, colorful dessert. Thin wafer cookies are divine when served with freshly brewed espresso or cappuccinos. Something you would fine in a fine dining restaurant as a dessert topper or in a fancy coffee shop.

With the taste that is irresistibly buttery, the delicate wafers have a slight hint of vanilla. Orange zest really brightens up the flavors bringing in the unbeatable freshness. The wafers are airy and iridescent. To make the wafer cookies as pretty and patterned as they are, you would need a mini waffle cone maker or an Italian pizzelle maker. Simply make the batter and pour into a greased waffle maker, keep making wafers until the dough is gone.

That`s simple wafer cookies recipe.

Enjoy the delicious wafers right away or store in a tin with some air expose for crispiness for later.