Sprits cookies are a holiday tradition in so many households. You just can’t imagine your Christmas without these fun cookies shaped like Christmas trees, snowflakes or any other intricate forms. And it is so fun to decorate the cookies with your kids. Dressing italian spritz cookies up with sprinkles, chocolate drizzles and chocolate chips. Assorted italian cookies recipe is the same as tool german cookie recipe.

Spritz cookies are simple butter cookies, shaped by putting the dough through a cookie press. The name comes from the German word spritzen, meaning “to squirt” because the soft dough is squirted or pushed through a cookie press to make fancy designs. You can also pipe spritz cookies if it is easier for you than using cookie press.

Spritz cookies are very similar to sugar cookies. They are definitely buttery and sweet and hold their intricate shape great when baked.

I guess the difference would be that sugar cookies are shaped with cookie cutters and spritz cookies are shaped with a cookie press. They do have an egg in them to bind everything g together iso they will not crumble as easy as the shortbread cookies.

A cookie press is a neat tool that presses your cookie dough through the metal plate to create beautifully shaped cookies. It is super easy to use the the cookies come out so beautiful and perfect. Spritz cookies are wonderful with a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea or as a quick sweet treat during hectic holiday preparations.