I like to make italian cookies. I love it when I come around delicious cookie recipes around the world. I have tried these crunchy cookies filled with colorful jams that my sister brought for me from a neighborhood Italian bakery and loved them so much, I was hooked. So the copycat recipe followed and it is amazing.

The cookies called pizzicati, which translates to pinched in Italian. They’re sometimes called log cookies and are also known as  envelope or bowtie cookies. The cookie is a pretty basic pastry dough that is rolled and cut on rounds, with a teaspoon of your favorite jam placed in the middle of the pastry circle. You can roll it thick or thin, whatever pleases your personal palette. Then you take the the middle ends and pinch them together to create a beautiful, envelope shaped cookies. Italian cookies recipe with so many names.

You can pick any jams of your choice. My favorite is raspberry, but the sky is the limit when it comes to the flavors. You can also place delicious Nutella or any other of your favorite spreads or nut butters.

I love recipes for italian cookies!

The cookies are delightful with a fresh brewed cup of coffee or tea. Not too sweet, crunchy with an aromatic dollop of fruity jam in the middle. I am drooling just writing about them, they are so good. And so simple to make. Just a handful of basic ingredient and you have a mountain of vibrant jam cookies on your plate in no time at all.