Black and White Cookies or half moon are a classic New York cookie recipe. They are soft, pillow-like, with the perfect, tender crumb, almost cake-like texture. Topped with sweet, glossy, vanilla and chocolate icing they are phenomenal. And look so pretty and appetizing. I love the contrast of colors.

I first tried them in New York city, they were sold in every single bakery and I am hooked. So of course I do not live in NY so I had to replicate the recipe so I can enjoy these delicious treats in the comfort of my own home.

I felt intimidated at first, thinking that making these large and in charge cookies will be an ambitious resolution, but I found out that these cake-like cookies are much easier to prepare at home than you think.

With just basic ingredients and a simple baking algorithm you get scrumptious cookies that are bursting with vanilla flavor, have super soft texture, and smeared with both vanilla and chocolate icings. The icings make the cookies for me! Creamy yet crackly when you bite into it, kinda like glazed doughnut, but even better.

We are going to be frosting the bottoms of the cookie. I also like to ice with vanilla first, let in dry and then frost with chocolate for a beautiful, eye pleasing clean separation of the colors.