Do you know how I make a double chocolate chip cookies? These decadent double chocolate chip cookies are my guilty pleasures. So easy to make and so hard to keep your hands off them. They are absolutely indulgent treats that are made with cocoa powder and melted chocolate. The center of the cookie is filled to the brim with melty, divine chocolate chips. The cookies are ooey gooey and are just pieces of chocolate heaven.

The cookies also have the best, chewiest texture ever.  Easy double chocolate chip cookies are soft and fudge in the middles with melted chocolate chips oozing out when you take a bite and chewy around the edges.

They are a powerhouse of chocolate flavors with cocoa powder added to the cookie dough together with melted chocolate and chocolate chips folded in.

You can choose the type of chocolate that suits your personal palette. Anything from milk to dark chocolate absolutely works. The type of chocolate you pick will determine the taste of the cookies. I prefer using dark or bittersweet. The cookies are already luxuriously rich and sweet so I feel like it works best. This way the cookies are the perfect sweetness, they are not overwhelming sweet that your teeth start hurting.

I’m sure you will love double chocolate chip cookies recipe like I do.

The cookies are so easy and quick to make you do not even need to chill the dough. It will be is a little stickier than most cookie doughs but cookies come out perfect every single time. And if for some crazy, unknown reason you want to cut down on the chocolate in your cookies you can absolutely swap chocolate chips for white chocolate chips, nut butters, caramel chips or anything your heart desires.