There are a lot of cookie recipes, but this is a healthy and delicious spin on a traditional oatmeal cookie. Banana oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips are comforting, cozy but lighter in sugar and fat then classic oatmeal cookies. Thanks to the magic of the banana that provides moisture and natural sweetness to the dough there is definitely less sugar and butter that needs to be added without any sacrifices in the flavor or texture department.

I can say that it is the best banana oatmeal cookies I know.

The cookies are moist, perfectly sweet and chewy with delicious pops of melty chocolate chips in every bite. To make the cookies even healthier you can substitute chocolate chips for raisins. It all depends on your personal taste. I make the cookies for my daughter and she insists on the chocolate. We are also using 100% whole wheat flour for an added fiber. It works harmoniously with oats for a rustic texture, but nothing extra firm. Quick oats are a better choice over rolled oats. You still get a wonderful chewy cookie that doesn’t require extra effort in your jaw muscles. 

These wholesome cookies make a delicious and nutritious treat or a snack. Banana oats cookies are filling and satisfying providing steady energy source that will keep you refueled for a long time all for a 200 calories a piece.

 You can not beat that. And chewy banana oatmeal cookies taste indulgent. The combination of tropical banana with decadent chocolate and earthy, nutty oats is divine. This recipe is dynamite. I always look out for recipes that are healthy but taste like a real thing, they are rare but this one is one of them for sure. Chewy banana oatmeal cookies are easy and foolproof to make. Cookies come out perfect every single time.

Hope you will love banana oatmeal cookies recipe as much as I do.