Baking without gluten can be tricky. But this recipe for healthy coconut flour cookies is absolutely foolproof and no fail. It is Keto and paleo diet approved as well. Low carb and low sugar, the cookies make for a great wholesome snack when you craving something sweet. So this coconut flour cookie recipe is absolutely perfect for your diet. You can eat them all day long and you would never know they aren’t bad for you.

Coconut flour butter cookies are moist and fluffy like a perfect hybrid of cookie and doughnut. Coconut flour is basically finely milled coconut, full of healthy fats and moisture. So do not expect a crunch like with gluten flour cookies after baking cookies with coconut flour. Cookies have a spongy texture that is almost cake like and a subtle coconut vanilla flavor. I use a natural sweetener like Swerve and they never taste artificial.

I usually bake a big batch of the cookies and keep them in the fridge for a quick on the go snack. Storing them in fridge keeps them from falling apart.

This one of the best keto and paleo diet coconut flour cookies recipes is very flexible. I have made them with coconut sugar, cocoa and chocolate chip, not low carb and low sugar at all but they tasted amazing. You can also make a glaze with a sweetener or drizzle the cookies with melted dark chocolate for an extra flavor punch. Let’s start cooking these amazing cookies with coconut flour!