When turkey season, pardon me, fall holiday season is upon me, I used to always try and search for the perfect baked turkey recipe. You probably do to. So my advice is, when you find one, grab it and never let go.

Okay, let me make life a bit easier for you and share my own, tried, reliable, perfect baked turkey recipe with you. It’s cooked with lemon and a lot of savory veggies, the veggies and the turkey soak up each other flavors and all in all, this is a highlight of any holiday table.>

It does take a long time to bake, but it’s certainly worth it. Make sure you first bake it covered and then bake some more without the cover. This will help the turkey to bake all the way through without burning the skin and create a lovely golden brown crispy skin.

I think the secret to this turkey recipe is the combination of herbs and the sparkling wine. They go so well with the bird, the meat is soft, tender and aromatic, everything I’d wish for in a turkey.

I also like to fit a bunch of small potatoes all around the bird during the last our or so of baking. They will make for a perfect garnish, drenched in turkey juices and redolent of all the herbs.