An addition of sweet butterscotch chips takes these peanut butter cookies to the next level of deliciousness. A sprinkle of sea salt on top of them balances out the sweetness creating a perfect taste harmony. The cookies are to die for.

The cookies are filled to the brim with peanut butter flavor that is nutty, creamy and simply heavenly. You can feel it in every single bite you take that is for sure. Brown sugar gives the cookies a delicious caramelized flavor, the cookies are soft with a perfect amount of sweetness. But what really amps up the taste is the butterscotch chips. They are sweet and a perfect compliment to salty peanut butter and sea salt. The timeless combination of sweet and salty is really dominating the cookies making them truly irresistible.

Just writing about this recipe is making me drool. The cookies are always such a huge hit with everyone, especially peanut butter lovers like me. And they are so quick and simple to make. Just under half an hour you can have mouthwatering, decadent treats on your plate. If you are not a big fan of butterscotch chips you (are crazy) can substitute for chocolate of white chocolate chips.

And do not forget the sea salt. This is the key ingredient that makes the cookies stand out from the crowd. It ensures the proper taste balance of sweet and salty that is essential for the best results.