Funfetti cookies are amazing soft and chewy sugar cookies filled to the brim with a rainbow of colorful sprinkles. They are super delicious, bakery worthy cookies made from scratch. Save your money and a trip to the bakery and make the homemade funfetti cookies in no time, minimal effort and with just basic ingredients that everyone has in their fridge and pantry.

The cookies are always a huge hit with the kids. They are so kid-friendly. No nuts involved, funfetti cookies are perfect for bringing to school functions or birthday parties. Kids go crazy over the sprinkle cookies and they are usually the first ones to go. They are very pretty, colorful and look very appetizing on the plate as well. My daughter demands I bake the birthday cookies for her all the time. Good thing the recipe is a no brainer and super easy to make.

The texture of the cookies is soft and chewy on the inside with a delightful crispier outside. The taste is buttery and sweet but nothing overwhelming. They are not greasy or will make your teeth hurt from all the sugar. Perfect balance of flavors and textures.

With just a few simple steps to follow the cookies come out perfect every single time. Just make sure to really stick with the instructions for the best results possible.