These low carb peanut butter cookies have no flour and only 4-5 simple ingredients. They are also sugar, gluten free and Keto friendly. The recipe is ridiculously simple but there is no sacrifices in taste whatsoever. The cookies are chewy-crunchy, slightly sweet with intense peanut butter flavor. 

And beyond simple to make, just effortless. There is no complicated kitchen equipment involved, equals no clean up at all. That is my favorite part about the recipe, you can literally just mix the dough in a mixing bowl with a fork.

And the assembly is so basic as well. Full absence of extensive instructions, simply throw all the ingredients together in any order. The creation of the signature criss cross pattern on top of the cookies is probably the “hardest” part in creating these delicious treats. They are not a necessity but more for the eye pleasing esthetics.

Since the peanut butter is the main ingredient in the cookies it is important to really pick a high quality butter, preferably organic and without any additives. Or if you have some time on your hands and feeling adventurous you can even make your own from scratch. Bake the cookies for 8 minutes for a softer center or 10 for crispier, crunchy treats!