Being a huge chocolate brownies enthusiast I am obsessed with this delicious brownie mix cookie recipe. The cookies are insanely chocolaty, fudgy in the middle with crackly crust on the outside, lovely chewy edges and intense chocolate taste. I am addicted to these cookies. They are the best of both words. All the delicious goodness of a brownie in a cookie form. Ultra rich taste and texture with only 3 simple ingredients. It cannot get better than that.

I actually love them even more then brownies, they are not as thick and there is more of the crispy crust that everyone is crazy about. There is absolutely no sacrifice in taste, flavor or texture department. Cookies are soft, almost melt in your mouth in the middle, with luxuriously rich chocolate taste and best chewy texture.

You can jazz them up by adding your favorites like peanut butter or chocolate chips, m&ms candy or various nuts like pecans or walnuts for a crunchy textural contrast. They are also awesome in ice cream sandwiches.

The recipe is so easy on the brain it is ridiculous. Store bought brownie mix is combined together with melted butter and eggs for the most simple cookie dough you will ever find, then baked in the oven. These cookies are amazing to throw together in the last moment when you have unexpected company or a sudden brownie craving at 8 pm.