This is the recipe for the super easy, delicious cookies with decadent chocolate taste and chewy oatmeal texture that require no baking and are ready in a flash. And did I mention there is peanut butter in the cookies as well. It really boosts the flavor of the cookies resulting in creamy, nutty taste. Chocolate and peanut butter is an ultimate flavor combination that is very palette pleasing.

With just a couple of helpful tips under your belt you will make the best no bake cookies. This recipe is foolproof and effortless.

Melt the sugar and cocoa powder together with milk and butter bringing the mixture to a powerful rolling boil and boil for a minute. That will help set the cookies properly. I also use quick cooking oats for the best results. The cookies will be chewy but not very firm and hard to chew. Creamy peanut butter really adds a wonderful savory nite and unbeatable velvety creaminess to the cookies. And vanilla extract brightens up the powerful flavors of chocolate and peanut butter.

Cookies are so easy even the kids can make them themselves. I remember assembling these tasty treats when I was ten years old and felt so proud of myself. The ingredient list is basic with just a handful of simple items everyone has in their fridge or pantry. These mouthwatering treats are chocolatey, soft and chewy with amazing texture and perfect balance of flavors. And the best part you do not even need to fire up the oven to create these irresistible cookies.