Chocolate makes everything so much better. I am addicted to it. I can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I make everything chocolate and these sugar cookies are not an exception. They are a perfect compliment to a fresh cup of coffee or tea. With divine chocolate taste and perfect texture these cookies are always a winner.

I especially love making them for Christmas using Christmas themed cookie cutters. They are effortless to make but festive enough and taste delicious for such a grand occasion. They are also great to fill in your cookies gift bags with.

The recipe for the chocolate sugar cookies is foolproof and very easy. The ever slightly challenging part is to roll out the ready cookie dough and cut the shapes out. But with a few helpful tips it will be really a breeze. Preheat the oven because the dough only takes a couple of minutes to make. And make sure you have your baking sheets ready to go lined up with parchment paper.

These cookies are basically simple sugar cookies with an addition of chocolate powder. The texture is soft but not crumbly, melting in your mouth as you bite into the scrumptious treats. So put on some Christmas music and roll away! You will be rewarded with amazing, chocolate cookies that are to die for.