Tired of a morning oatmeal and craving something new but equally healthy, look no further. These delicious 3 ingredient breakfast cookies are a great alternative to an ordinary oatmeal. Combining just 3 simple ingredients of oats, peanut butter and mashed bananas, the cookies have amazing chewy texture, they are perfectly sweet and creamy. It is simple 3 ingredient cookies with no egg.

There is no flour, no egg, no refined sugar so the cookies are gluten-free, vegan and sugar-free. I truly find that these cookies are phenomenal for breakfast. Three ingredient breakfast cookies are filling and comforting, easy to make ahead and then just grab one and have it on the go. Because most of us do not have much time to prep an elaborate breakfast in the morning. All 3 ingredient cookie recipes include bananas, because they are used instead of eggs.

I love the taste and the texture of the cookies as well. Simple ingredient cookies are soft and chewy and taste like a criss cross between banana bread and oatmeal cookies with a nutty, buttery finish.

The recipe calls for just three basic ingredients. Gluten-free rolled oats work the best holding everything together, mashed ripe banana and peanut butter round up the short ingredient list. But the recipe is also super flexible. You can play around with it, swapping for the ingredients that suit your personal palette.

Recipes for ripe bananas are very healthy and eco friendly.

You can substitute oats for buckwheat or quinoa flakes, experiment with using different nut butters like cashew or almond. And even swap the banana for apple sauce and pumpkin. I personally love the dominant flavor of peanut butter and a big banana enthusiast as well. But everyone has their own preferences for three ingredient cookies. If you are using alternative ingredients make sure to adjust the ratio of wet/dry ingredients for the right batter consistency. The cookies are best when refrigerated.