This might be the most unusual pie I’ve ever made. I don’t make it often, to keep the element of surprise. Its vibrant maroon coloring and exquisite gingersnap and berry smell makes it something special.

This cranberry pie is perfect for autumn season. The cranberries have a very distinct sharp flavor and combines with gingersnap crust the taste is unforgettable.

The making process for this pie is surprisingly easy. I tried several variations of crust and I find that making it from gingersnaps is the one I like best. It’s superfast and you won’t have to worry about getting the wrong combo of sugar, spices and flour.

However, you can also use any homemade pie crust or crumb recipe that you prefer.

The custard itself is all about cranberries and good quality eggs. If you can lay your hands on fresh cranberries when they are in season, it’s best, but working with frozen cranberries doesn’t really make this pie any worse.

The pie alone looks very sophisticated, but if your occasion calls for an especially elaborate serving, you can decorate it with fresh or sugar covered cranberries, mint leaves or rosemary sprigs. Its taste is not overly sugary, so it’s great with sweet drinks like hot punches or hot chocolate on a crispy autumn afternoon.

I hope you like this wonderful pie as much as I do!