If you find yourself at loss of ideas what to do with all the ripe bananas that will not last another day siting on your kitchen counter I have an amazing recipe for you. Banana cookies are delicious treats with intense fruit flavor and pillow like soft texture. If you love bananas and banana bread these adorable banana cookies will definitely find a spot in your heart or stomach.

Banana cookies are light and fluffy, so there is no crunch here, they are heavenly when served with a cold glass of milk for dunking. The cookies are naturally sweetened with the banana which also adds moisture to create the softest cookies ever. To start with, the ripeness of bananas is extremely important. The riper the better and more moist.

So let your bananas go brown for the sweetest intense banana taste. The balance of flavors is extraordinary, nothing overwhelming, all the ingredients work together in a perfect harmony.

You can jazz up banana cookies even further with delicious flavors like lemon or orange zest, white chocolate chips, coconut or any nuts of your choice, whatever pleases your personal palette. Another great idea is to make two cookies into mouthwatering whoopie pies by adding cream cheese frosting in between, that will take the cookies to a different level of deliciousness. 
The recipe is foolproof and quick and simple. Just a handful of basic ingredients and you have flavorful, fantastic cookies on your plate that every banana enthusiast will love.