Here is the recette (as it’s called in France) of tasty cookies. These delicious cookies were inspired by my daughters love for m&m’s. Everyone loves delicious little colorful candy and cookies so why not marry two of them together. These bakery worthy cookies are soft, chewy, filled to the brim with a rainbow of m&m’s.

They look so beautiful and fun with bright pops of color dotted all over the cookies. And a lovely experience baking them together with the kids. You can make these delightful treats for any occasion.

They make color coordinated m&m’s for every major holiday now. Orange and black are great for Halloween, red and green for Christmas and we even made them with all kinds of shades of pink for Valentines day.

The cookies are simply delicious, always soft and melt in your mouth, with a lively contrasting crunch from the m&m shells. I love how the chocolate candies just pop in your mouth, bursting with chocolate in every bite.

Making the cookies is a breeze, The recipe is foolproof and cookies come out perfect and tasty every single time. I also like to add chocolate chips together with m&ms for even more intense chocolate explosions. You can make the cookies thick or thin depending on your personal preference and also if you are going for that signature soft/chewy texture do not over bake. The cookies will finish baking while cooling on the cookie sheet. Or if you desire crisper cookies bake longer. That is the best about this, recipe you can customize it to whatever suits your palette.