You can definitely taste paradise with these delicious vegan coconut cookies. They have amazing tropical vibe with the powerful punch of double coconut. Chewy coconut texture with exotic coconut taste are match made in heaven, all the coconut flavor that you have ever wanted all in one cookies.

The cookies are soft and tender and incredibly moist with intense coconut flavor. The secret ingredient is coconut extract.

Not the most common ingredient but it makes all the difference. You can find it in baking stores or online. The irresistible chewy texture come from desiccated coconut. It is dried, finely shredded flesh of the coconut, sometimes sweetened. Shredded coconut will not work because even though it is mostly dry, it still retains more moisture than full-on desiccated coconut, so you would need to readjust the whole recipe. Also the shreds are usually too big to be nicely mixed into the cookies dough.

You can go even further and use coconut sugar instead of the white sugar that I am using in this recipe. It might change the beautiful golden color of the cookies for a darker shade, but will bring even more coconut taste.

The cookies are healthy and wholesome making for a perfect snack or a tea/coffee accompaniment. With just 137 calories per cookies you can munch on them all day long absolutely guilt free, not to mention how delicious they are.