Thumbprint cookies are an American adaptation of Swedish pastry. The name means “Raspberry cave” in Swedish. It is an easily baked molded sugar cookie, flavored with vanilla. The cookies are usually filled with all kids of different berry jams.

These delicious shortbread cookies are a holiday staple in our house. They are simple but oh so good. There is just something about the timeless combination of buttery cookies with sweet, fragrant jam. And they look so festive with pops of bright jam colors. Raspberry is my favorite, but the sky is the limit, you can use any jam that suits your personal palette. The bounty of cookies with a kaleidoscope of jam colors looks so beautiful and appetizing on the plate. Almost too pretty to eat, almost.

The cookies is made with butter, sugar and flour. There is no eggs to bind everything together so the cookies are crumbly, melting in your mouth texture, characteristics of a shortbread. They are soft and buttery and scrumptious. Simplicity at its best.

To make the cookies is a breeze. Just cream butter and sugar with an addition of vanilla extract and flour. Make a cave in the middle using your thumb, fill it up with jam and bake. Since butter is a main ingredient I like to use salted, European quality butter that is extra creamy. I like the even distribution of salt in the already salted butter. You will get the best results for the cookies with it.

The cookies are baked till golden brown and are best when fully cooked. Absolutely divine and indulgent served with a fresh cup of espresso or tea.