There is very few people who are not obsessed with chocolate, so if you are a chocolate fanatic like me you are gonna love these ultimate chocolate cookies. Triple dose of decadent chocolate in one cookie is simply dynamite. The cookies also have the best, chewiest texture ever. They are soft in the middles with melted chocolate chips and chunks oozing out when you take a bite and chewy around the edges. The rustic sea salt adds a needed salty taste contrast to balance out the richness of all the chocolate action.

They are a powerhouse of chocolate flavors with cocoa powder added to the cookie dough and chocolate chips together with chocolate chunks folded in. You can choose the type of chocolate that suits your personal palette. Anything from milk to dark chocolate absolutely works.

The cookies are the perfect sweetness, they are not overwhelming sweet that your teeth start hurting. I also add big chunks of chocolate on top of the cookies right before they are finished baking to create decadent ponds of melted chocolate. It is really an essential finishing touch that makes the cookies. I told you it was an ultimate chocolate cookie.

I highly recommend using Dutch process cocoa for this chocolate cookie recipe. It is deeper, darker, and gives the cookies the richest chocolate base.

The center of the cookie is filled to the brim with melty, divine chocolate. The cookies are ooey gooey and are just pieces of chocolate heaven. The cookies are best when still warm and freshly baked straight out of the oven. Taste heavenly when dunked in a cold glass of organic milk.